The Little Things

Publisher: Templar

'It's the little things that matter. It's the little things that count.'

International bestseller Emma Dodd is back with another typically heartwarming and sumptuous book for young children. This one follows a giant panda and its adorable cub as they discover the importance of helping others and what really matters in life. 

The Little Things covers similar territory to books like Together and Home is Where the Heart Is, with themes of love, tenderness and kindness. Like those books, it also follows a family through an entire day, from sunrise to sunset, which makes this a lovely, calming read for bedtime.

Emma Dodd's illustration and book design always feel very special, and The Little Things makes gorgeous use of gold foil throughout, which is sure to enthral little ones and could also make this book a very nice gift. 

There's also a fantastic, almost filmic, sense of epic proportion in The Little Things: from the first zoomed-out page where the panda family is tiny in the forground against a big expanse of mountains and forest to the dazzle of colours from an enormous sunset. The pandas themselves are sweet and expressive, and when the last page ends on a hug between panda parent and child, you'll inevitably want to grab your little one for a big snuggle, too.

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