The Lie Tree

(43 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Macmillan

Faith is clever, curious and interested in everything around her - but because she is a girl, no-one pays her any attention, so she's learned to exist in the background.

Faith's father is a famed natural scientist, who is forced to flee to a remote island under a cloud of scandal, dragging his family with him. When he dies in mysterious circumstances, Faith links his death to a strange plant in her father's possession, the Lie Tree. This tree, when fed lies, bares fruit that reveal deep secrets to whoever eats them.

This dark, exciting novel delves into the world of religion versus science in the late 1800s. Faith is a fabulous character, undervalued and underestimated because of her sex, but determined to overcome every obstacle society puts into her path.

A sense of isolation and mystery radiates off every page as the gripping tale twists towards its thrilling climax. An exhilarating read.

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