The Ladybird Big Book of Dead Things

Publisher: Ladybird

Welcome to the Museum of Dead Things! Leading us around the museum on a special tour are Dr Stella Cluster, star expert; Dr Barack O’Llama, expert in ancient civilisations; Dr Eddie Dawdle, dinosaur specialist; and Dr Daria Raven, who knows a lot about more recently dead things.

Along the way, we’ll discover lots of fascinating facts about dinosaurs, such as the terrifying Mosasaurus (a giant underwater lizard, twice the length of a bus), learn about fossils, and find out how humans make use of dead things – coal for fuel and chalk for drawing, for instance! We’ll also learn about the ancient Egyptians and Mayans and their ideas about death, the death of stars, and the animals that have, sadly, become extinct more recently.

This wonderful, large-format hardback is full of fun and interest for young readers – there’s plenty to browse in its busy pages, which are designed a little like a large-scale comic.

All the way through, we follow a little fox family who ask all the questions we might want to, giving the book a sense of discovery and genuine excitement. Lovely!

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