Guinness World Records: Wild Things

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Publisher: Guinness World Records

Do you know what the smallest owl is, or the largest snake? Which animals are the most bloodthirsty, or which are the sleepiest? This book describes itself as 'a globe-trotting adventure through the animal kingdom' – and that’s exactly what it is!

Amazing non-fiction with a wild side, Wild Things combines brilliant nature photography with countless animal facts, focussing on the world’s strangest and most surprising creatures. From mountains to oceans, and birds to mammals and creepy crawlies, it includes chapters on conservation, sections on the record-breaking animals found on the different continents, and interviews with wildlife experts such as Steve Backshall, Coyote Peterson and Jane Goodall. There’s also a section on dinosaurs for those interested in paleontology.

The perfect book for anyone who loves fun facts or are fans of Guinness World Records. Packed with full-colour photographs alongside the bite-size text, it's a brilliant book to dip into and find out more about the word around you. Look out for the gila monster (cute but deadly), the rusty-spotted cat (smallest wild cat), and the blue-ringed octopus (most venomous mollusc).

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