The Kid Who Came from Space

(12 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: HarperCollins

On Christmas Eve, twelve-year-old Tammy mysteriously disappears from her Northumbrian village. Despite an extensive search, she is nowhere to been found, although Ethan, her twin brother, instinctively knows she is still alive.

Ethan and his friend Iggy are astounded when, a few days later, a short, hairy and rather stinky alien disembarks from an invisible spacecraft which has crash-landed in the reservoir. Introducing herself as Hellyann, the alien explains that Tammy has been abducted and taken to the planet Anthalla, where she will be exhibited at the human zoo. Although Anthallans are not permitted to display any emotions, Hellyann feels uncomfortable about this forced imprisonment and wishes to return the girl to Earth. The boys accompany their unusual new friend on a bizarre rescue mission to the distant planet, unsure if they will ever return.

This hilarious science fiction adventure from an award-winning author is a compelling read. Teeming with humour and compassion, it superbly combines an imaginative plot with a fabulous cast of characters. Hugely entertaining and highly recommended, this marvellous book celebrates the joy of friendship and love.

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