The Iron Witch

Publisher: Corgi Children's

The first novel in an urban fantasy series based around teenage, homeschooled, Donna. In an American society which unknowingly exists alongside the world of Faerie, dark elves are resentful of humans, and desperate to regain both their eternal life and their kingdom.

Savaged as a child by one of the Faerie monsters, her father killed and her mother traumatised, Donna underwent a magical reconstruction of her arms. When the Elf Queen snatches her best friend, Donna and her new friend Xan, half-faerie, half-human, seek to rescue him and the magician who saved her arms, outwitting malevolent alchemists and journeying into the Faerie kingdom.

Issues around family, disability, racial prejudice, bullying and changing relationships underpin a fast-moving adventure story.

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