The Insiders

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Ted is an introvert and relies heavily on Callie, his best friend and neighbour, who supports and encourages him. Every day after school, Ted, Zara and Nico go to Callie’s house, as her mum is a childminder. When Ted stops going, to save his mum some money, it changes everything: instead of being part of the group, he watches in silence from his garden as his friends have adventures without him. Feeling isolated, lonely and rejected, Ted retreats even further into his shell when classmate Billy humiliates him in front of the whole school.

Billy has his own worries and is forced to sleep at school when his mum goes on holiday and his dad is too busy to look after him. When Callie befriends Billy, Ted feels utterly betrayed, leading to a dramatic incident which will have readers on the edge of their seats.

This poignant novel about the complexities of friendship dynamics is perceptive, insightful and sensitively written, with touches of humour. The chapters are narrated in turn by Callie, Ted and Billy, which will help readers to develop empathy, as they are able to explore different viewpoints and understand that people’s circumstances can dramatically affect their behaviour.  

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