The Imaginary

Publisher: Bloomsbury

A beautifully produced edition with illustrations from the award-winning Emily Gravett make this spectacular story a special treat for the senses and the perfect gift for young booklovers.

Larger than life Amanda is loud and a little bit bossy so no one is surprised when she announces she's found an imaginary friend in her wardrobe to order about. Rudger turns out to be a perfect playmate and together they lose themselves in their own imagined play-space. It doesn't really matter that no one else can see Rudger but when a suspicious stranger arrives with his own imaginary friend, Rudger and Amanda are suddenly in very un-imaginary danger! A wonderfully atmospheric sequence of chills and thrills sees Rudger and Amanda's adventures take a turn for the terrifying but the power of friendship, creativity and imagination prevails in this magical and memorable tale. 

Following in the footsteps of Maurice Sendak and the perfect stepping stone to Neil Gaiman, this is young fiction of the very best quality, showcasing inspiration, inventiveness and an intoxicating passion for storytelling. The Imaginary has the potential to be a family favourite and a future classic.

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