The Horror of Dunwick Farm

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

When the last lesson of the day is disturbed by a deafening noise overhead and the loud boom of a distant crash, Nancy, Pete and Krish can't wait to investigate.

Although the area has been sealed off, they see a body bag and several glass boxes being removed from the wreckage of a small plane and driven away in official-looking cars.

Before they can find out much more, odd things start to happen. The local phone signal seems to be blocked and villagers are falling ill. And it's not just the people; farm animals and pets are acting strangely and cats are going missing.

But the deeper the trio dig, the stranger things get, until they find themselves tangled in a terrifying web from which there may be no escape.

Presented on off-white pages with a clear layout and dyslexia-friendly font, this edge-of-seat mystery is instantly engaging and edited to make it super-accessible.

With short, punchy chapters and dynamic, black and white illustrations it is especially suitable for less confident, older readers who enjoy creepy, adrenalin-fuelled stories.

Not suitable for those of a delicate disposition, this nightmarish thriller will make your skin crawl.

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