The Heart and the Bottle

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Publisher: HarperCollins

An inquisitive little girl, who is enchanted by the world around her, is badly shaken when she loses someone she loves.

She retreats into herself and as she gets older, stops noticing the stars and the sea, which she had previously delighted in. She puts her heart away in a bottle, where it can never be hurt again.

One day she meets a little girl whose own curiosity and zest for life reminds her of the child she once was and her heart is released and her sense of wonder restored.

This stylish and moving picture book from Best New Illustrator, Oliver Jeffers, explores love and loss and offers an ultimately uplifting resolution.

This poignant story about growing up and loss of innocence has also been made into a highly anticipated app. Narrated by Helena Bonham Carter and full of inventive interactive features including a drawing game that posts the drawing into the illustration, this app will be enjoyed by all the family.

A special gift for adults and children alike. 

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