The Haven

(10 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Hachette

When Ollie’s pulled from his bed by masked men in the middle of the night and his guardian, Nancy, is murdered, it’s only thanks to the help of street kid Dodge that he survives.

Dodge takes Ollie to The Haven: a secret refuge for kids with nowhere else to go. Run by the children themselves, The Haven helps get lost or homeless kids off the streets and give them a new start.

Ollie’s desperate to find out why Nancy was murdered, but the Haven has other priorities: kids from the city’s gangs are going missing. Who’s taking them? And why? Quickly sucked into the investigation, Ollie joins his new friends as they uncover a terrifying plot by mob boss Maddy Sikes. Not just the kids’ lives, but the whole of London is at stake…

A well-layered action thriller, this is perfect for readers who enjoy a tense story packed with life-threatening danger. A number of different threads run through it that the author very cleverly pulls together in the dramatic finale.

How are Nancy and Maddy Sikes linked? Can they prevent the different street gangs from going to war? And, perhaps most importantly, can they save The Haven itself?

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