The Haunting of Aveline Jones

Publisher: Usborne

The worst thing about seeing a ghost is that nobody believes you…

Aveline loves ghost stories. She’s staying with her aunt in a stormy seaside town for October half-term and has found a book of local ghost stories in the town’s second-hand bookstore. But as she reaches the end of the book she discovers the last story has been completely crossed out, making it unreadable. Why? And what was in the story?

Intrigued, Aveline begins researching the book’s previous owner, whose name is written on the front page: Primrose Penberthy. She discovers that Primrose disappeared thirty years ago. On Halloween. As Aveline digs deeper to try and find out what happened to Primrose and to unlock the mystery of the crossed-out story, and as another Halloween approaches, she soon finds herself starring in her own real-life version of a ghost story…

Wonderfully gothic, this is a properly spine-chilling and atmospheric story that very effectively builds tension and the scare factor, whilst also being perfectly pitched to readers aged around 11-14. The mystery of Primrose’s disappearance, Aveline’s own sense of unease at being in unfamiliar surroundings and the question of the defaced ghost story make a page-turning combination.

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