The Grotlyn

Publisher: HarperCollins


‘I know when the Grotlyn’s been, slipping through your house unseen…’ But that’s just a silly rhyme! The Grotlyn’s not real, is it? Surely it’s just a story made up to explain things that go bump in the night? …Or is it?

Rubi, Sam and P C Vickers are just a few of the people whose nights are disturbed by odd noises and even odder things going missing. Who could possibly want an old oil lamp, a piece of cheese and P C Vickers’ knickers? Sometimes the answers to mysterious questions are simpler than they appear at first.

Atmospheric illustrations with a nostalgic feel help build suspense in this delightful rhyming story about how your mind can play tricks on you. Embracing complex ideas of choice, freedom, empowerment and even animal welfare, this is a must for the bookshelves of preschoolers and early years' children.

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