The Great Hamster Getaway

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Bored hamster Raffelton Grey is frustrated by his life confined in a cage all the time, seeing nobody and going nowhere.

He has a wonderful view of the seaside and desperately wants to experience life beyond his cage. And so, he hatches a daring and ingenious escape plan. Once free, he meets Puckerford, another hamster also eager for adventure.

The two head off to enjoy all a seaside day out has to offer – sunshine, paddling, doughnuts and funfair rides. But it’s not so much fun when night falls and hungry cats, rats and foxes start to come out. Perhaps home isn't so bad after all – especially if you have a new friend by your side.

The Great Hamster Getaway is a wonderfully fun read, featuring bouncy rhyming text. The illustrations and page layouts are full of energy and brilliantly bring Raffelton’s inventive escape plan scenes to life. Little ones will delight when the daring hamster flies through the air, escaping from the bathroom window, and the book has to be turned to follow his downward descent into the back garden.

A fun daring tale of escape, adventure and friendship.

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