The Good Thieves

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Bloomsbury

In 1920s New York, Vita’s grandfather has been cheated out of his home by a con-man with Mafia connections.

She has come from England with her mother who wants to take him back with them but Vita is outraged and formulates a plan to get justice for her grandfather, despite her physical limitations. When she joins forces with an acrobat, a pickpocket and a horse-whisperer, she is sure her scheme will work but nothing has quite prepared this motley band for the dangers and challenges they meet.

Vita’s story is rich in period detail and poses the question: if you try to steal back something that has been taken from you by trickery, is that a crime or is it justice?

Full of tense moments and dramatic twists and turns, this is a great story of triumph over adversity and the value of trust, friendship and self-belief.

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