The Goat and the Stoat and the Boat

Publisher: Nosy Crow

This brilliantly fun picture book is a rollicking adventure involving a stoat, a boat, and a goat in a fancy yellow coat.

Stoat is floating in his favourite boat until he is disturbed by a goat who rather fancies a float in the boat! But Stoat is not at all happy – this is Stoat’s boat and it’s certainly no place for a goat! A chaotic and wibbly wobbly battle begins as Goat tries everything possible to climb aboard Stoat’s boat. Can Goat and Stoat stay afloat? More importantly, can Goat and Stoat find room for them both?

With its clever rhyme scheme and tongue-twister text, adults will have lots of fun reading this book aloud and children will love the silly humour and delight in seeing the animal antics unfold. The vibrant neon and expressive illustrations are attention grabbing and it’s hard not to root for Goat until the very end!

The limited vocabulary and repeated ‘oa’ sounds and determiner words mean that this is also a great resource for building children’s confidence with early phonics. The repetition and zany story will keep little ones engaged and joining in without even realising that they are building on their reading skills at the same time!

Mae Stoat yn arnofio yn ei hoff gwch nes i afr, sydd awydd arnofio mewn cwch, darfu arno. Ond dydy Stoat ddim yn hapus o gwbl – cwch Stoat ydy hwn ac yn sicr nid yw'n lle addas i afr!

Mae'n draed moch yno wrth i Goat geisio gwneud popeth dan haul i ddringo i mewn i gwch Stoat. Ydy Stoat a Goat yn gallu aros uwchben y dŵr? Yn bwysicach fyth, oes yna le i Stoat a Goat?

Gyda threfn odli clyfar a thestun sy'n clymu'r dafod, mae'r llyfr hwn yn hwyl garw i'w ddarllen yn uchel. Bydd plant wrth eu boddau gyda'r hiwmor gwirion ac yn gwirioni ar weld campau'r anifeiliaid.

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