The Funny Life of Pets

Publisher: Bloomsbury


Adorned with comic-style cartoons, this outlandish encyclopaedia covers everything a child could ever need to know about pets.

The Funny Life of Pets is a comical take on how to choose and care for a pet but also covers more niche topics such as why big dogs are better than small dogs (small dogs are yappy and annoying), where cats originate from (aliens) and famous pets throughout history (Lord Nelson’s guinea pig).

The zany format means readers can jump back and forth based on the topics that pique their interest, rather than reading it from beginning to end.

This genius book will have near-universal appeal. Children will get lost in its mix of hilarious pet-related misinformation, trivia and educational facts. It’s perfect for both boys and girls, avid readers and reluctant readers, and is not limited to animal lovers either – it’s great for those who just like a gag or two.

The bite-sized chapters are ideal for readers to dip in and out of the book, but many will devour this read in one go. Children will be chuckling throughout and no doubt sharing funny facts with their friends and family. 

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