The Funny Life of Pets

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Is it fiction or non-fiction? You decide! This highly interactive book mixes together real and made-up facts about pets, with hilarious results. Packed with cartoon-style illustrations, The Funny Life of Pets is a comical take on how to choose and care for a pet but also covers more niche topics such as why (according to this author, at least) big dogs are better than small dogs (small dogs are yappy and annoying), where cats originate from (aliens) and famous pets throughout history (Lord Nelson’s guinea pig).

Rather than reading from cover to cover, readers are encouraged to pick their own route through the book via the different options given to them at the end of each page. This zany and inventive format and the bite-sized chapters make it great for less confident readers, as well as lots of fun of course.

Covering everything a reader could ever need to know about pets, they’ll quickly get lost get lost in its mix of hilarious pet-related misinformation, trivia and educational facts. But be warned: not all the 'facts' are true (but they are all fun!).

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