The Fintastic Diary of Darcy Dolphin

Publisher: Farshore

Darcy might be a dolphin, but her daily life at school and home will be incredibly relatable to primary school children.

The book contains three stories: 'The Perfect Pet', 'My Dream Role' and 'The Rumbling Reef Mystery'. All three stories are nicely paced and told through diary entries over the course of a week. Darcy encounters a lot of mishaps trying to get what she wants, and whilst solving a mystery in the last story, but things always work out in the end.

The first in a series, with more underwater fun to come, the book features greats extras in the end pages, including instructions on how to draw a dolphin. Chapters are short and manageable for beginning readers with great illustrations throughout, and a lot of amusing underwater puns. Primary school readers will certainly giggle their way through this.

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