The Doughnut of Doom

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Nancy McNutty, ace reporter and peanut butter sandwich, gets the sniff of a scandal from her source/sauce at Lemon Labs, a secretive scientific institution. Despite her boss Big Cheese’s reservations, Nancy goes along to investigate and discovers that Professor Nutcase’s newest accidental monster creation has escaped: All too soon, a giant, police-eating doughnut is wreaking havoc in the town square. DISASTER!

Will Nancy save the day, or will her brave gesture be rather less delicious than she hopes?

Dolan’s food-fabulous picture book is full of punny provisions and delectable double entendres, and the slightly noir style of Nancy’s narration gives a stylish feel to a hilarious read packed with detail. Along with the main narrative, there are lots of speech bubbles and comments from the cast of characters all the way through, which means parents and children have plenty of things to look at and laugh about as well as the main story.

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