The Dog That Saved Christmas

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

It’s started again. The noise and excitement of preparations for Christmas that everyone else seems to enjoy just make Jake want to hide in his room until it’s all over.

He hates the bright lights, and the noise and disruption to his normal routines, both at home and at school, just stress him out. But then Jake meets a lost dog, who seems as disorientated by Christmas carols and inflatable snowmen as he is, and in trying to keep her safe and calm, Jake finds his own anxiety diminishing.

The super-readable text is beautifully complemented by expressive black-and-white illustrations that help to interpret the difficulties Jake is experiencing. This is not only an engaging Christmas story but also a sensitive and fascinating portrayal of how Christmas might be experienced by a boy on the autistic spectrum and how a therapy dog can provide reassurance and stability.

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