The Dog Runner

Publisher: Old Barn Books


Ella lives at home with her father, her brother Emery and their dogs, but there's something missing. Ever since the power went out, her mum's been busy at work, and she's not allowed to come home.

Left by their dad, on his own quest to find Ella's mum, Ella and Emery must brave the world outdoors, which has been decimated by a killer fungus.

They're on a quest to join Emery's mother on her mushroom farm, but to get there they'll need to avoid the dangers of desperate people, look after their dogs, and traverse a barren and treacherous landscape.

As Ella's dad says, the world's turned upside down, and if they want to survive, they'll have to figure out how to walk on their heads...

The Dog Runner is a tense, thrilling adventure story full of close calls and peril, but it's also glowing with heart, whether it's the relationship between Ella and Emery or their love for the "doggos" helping them get to where they need to be.

The all-too timely reminders about the importance of the environment and food security, Bren MacDibble's distinctive writing style, and the delicious sense of threat make The Dog Runner hard to resist.

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