The Dog Runner

Publisher: Old Barn Books

A terrible fungus has swept the world, decimating crops and triggering a worldwide food crisis. With no grass to eat, even the chickens and cattle have died. In Australia, Ella and her family were surviving on government rations, but the deliveries have stopped, the power has gone out, and her parents are missing. Her half-brother Emery makes a difficult decision: to take their dogs, pack their last remaining food, and trek across the barren outback in search of safety at his mum’s mushroom farm.

Their journey will be an intense test of survival: they'll need to avoid the dangers of desperate people, look after their dogs, and traverse a treacherous landscape. When Emery is seriously injured, Ella must find a way to keep going and keep hope alive for them both. But she can’t help wondering, will they ever see their parents again.

A perilous adventure with dystopian and environmental themes that cut unnervingly close to potential reality, The Dog Runner is a tense, thrilling adventure full of close calls, but also glowing with heart, whether it's the relationship between Ella and Emery or their love for the "doggos" helping them get to where they need to be.

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