The House of Light

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Bonnie lives with her lovely Granda in a house by the sea, in an unspecified future – but after climate change has wreaked havoc on the world. Her mother left mysteriously by boat when Bonnie was just a baby, presumably for a new life on a distant shore away from the harsh regime that is Bonnie’s world.

When a strange boy lands on the beach, with a forbidden boat, this is Bonnie’s chance for freedom. But will they be able to get away, and what about Granda?

This is a wonderfully imaginative and beautifully written story. It’s almost dystopia but the lyrical focus on the natural world sets it apart from the crowd. At a time when so many young people are actively speaking out against government inactivity over climate change, it feels very timely too and shows us the power of hope and resilience.

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