The Digits: Number Jumble!

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Number One is moving into a fab new apartment block, but when helpful Zero helps him find his apartment, he doesn’t like it very much at all! In fact, everything in it seems built for someone else.

In fact, it turns out that all the rest of the numbers are similarly unhappy with their apartments. Could it be that everyone is in the wrong place? Yet, if everyone moved around, maybe they could all find the ideal apartment for them.

This introduction to numbers one to ten isn’t a traditional counting book, but more a story about numbers that aims to increase children’s familiarity with them and recognise their shapes. It’s bright and appealing with cute number characters, and there are some useful bits of guidance for parents and carers at the beginning and end of the book that suggest some of the different ways you can look at the book with little ones, as well as activities you can do when you’re out and about, such as looking for numbers when out for a walk.

An accessible and fun book which will help little ones recognise numbers and start to think about their order in a scale.

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