The Deadlands: Hunted

Publisher: Walker Books

It’s fifty years since the time of the Fallen Star, the catastrophic event that should have wiped the dinosaurs from the earth. But amidst the death and destruction, a few tribes have survived; although they are oddly changed.

Now able to think, reason and speak, they have formed alliances, organised trade and waged war.

Eleri, a young oryctodromeus, has no taste for conflict, preferring to chronicle ancient stories. After acting instinctively to save the life of an enemy, he is banished to the Deadlands: a parched wasteland of rubble and dust where death is inevitable. If not from starvation and thirst, then by being a tasty meal for the carnivores.

But Eleri is not the only one in exile. Can he and the other rejects work together to survive or does the hatred between tribes run too deep?

In this brilliantly imagined fantasy thriller, the dinosaur clans are permanently at war and Eleri and his unlikely group of misfits unwittingly uncover the shocking truth behind the killing. But when loyalty conflicts with morality and ethics, how do you decide what is the right thing to do?

A gruesome, absorbing adventure about trust, courage and manipulation.

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