The Day we Saved the Future

Publisher: Scholastic Children’s Books

Brothers Micah and Cass gather alongside other students in Eastbrook Secondary School for a special world broadcast from Noel Riche, former pupil and founder of the biggest tech company in the world. Everyone is stunned when Noel announces that he has several deadly missiles pointing towards Earth. He threatens to release them unless every world government hands power to him within one hour.

As panic ensues, Micah and Cass meet Frank, a talking, self-drive car, who informs them that he is a time-machine, sent by their future selves to transport them to 1985. Their mission is to alter the course of history by befriending the young Noel Riche and helping him to choose a better path than world domination. However, they must stay one step ahead of Noel’s ruthless daughter and heir, 12-year-old Noelle. She has followed the brothers back in time to prevent them changing the past and will stop at nothing to protect her father’s global empire.

Packed full of futuristic technology and retro arcade games, this exciting sci-fi adventure is a thrilling read. The tale is underpinned by some key themes, such as the importance of friendship, family and, above all, standing up to bullies.

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