The Day The Screens Went Blank

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Sunday night is always film night: Mum and Dad watching on the TV, Stella on her phone and little brother Teddy on his tablet. That is, until one terrible evening when all the screens go blank!

By the morning, every screen in the whole world with a screen is completely unusable. No computers, no cash machines, no CCTV, no sat nav. And that's not all - no screens also means no post, no email, and even no shopping. In fact. anything that relies on the internet or other wireless technology just stops working.

Stella and Teddy know they need to check on Grandma to make sure she's OK, but she lives miles away and there's no way of reaching her! It's time for a rescue mission - but without the right technology, that could make for rather a challenging journey.

This hugely entertaining comedy road trip involves numerous family fallouts and misfortunes with road rage, cow snot, and a very angry waitress - but some positives come out of the chaos, when the family have no choice but to talk to one another instead of being glued to their devices.

Featuring fun black and white illustrations throughout, The Day The Screens Went Blank is interesting, thought-provoking and very, very funny.

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