The Cherry Pie Princess

Publisher: Walker Books

Princess Peony is considerate, inquisitive and resourceful, but abiding by her father's tyrannical rules leaves her feeling lonely and frustrated. When she secretly borrows a library book, her father imprisons the librarian for speaking to the princess. Peony appeals for his release but, furious at being challenged, the King throws her into the dungeons, too.

Meanwhile, an extravagant christening party is underway for Peony's baby brother. Foolishly, the King neglects to invite the Hag, so the disgruntled bad fairy plots to cast a spell over the royal household and kidnap the young prince. Peony must find a way to thwart the Hag's evil plans, but can she convince her father to listen?

Engaging characters, plenty of humour and a smattering of magic combine in this contemporary fairy tale. With short chapters, expressive black-and-white illustrations and a witty plot, it will delight confident independent readers.

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