The Building Boy

Publisher: Faber & Faber

The boy loves his grandmother dearly. Best of all, he loves the stories about her life as a prize-winning architect. One day, she promises she'll build him an extraordinary house. Now his grandmother's gone, and he's heartbroken. But in her garden there are bricks and girders and he begins to build….

He constructs a giant metal grandmother, who joyfully seizes his hand, taking him on an amazing journey across oceans, mountains and continents. Finally, on a hilltop, they reach a beautiful house; it's the boy's house, the metal grandmother easing perfectly in the space at its heart.

Beautiful and deceptively simple, this story of a boy and his grandmother hints at his lifelong journey of dealing with loss and celebrating her legacy. The shimmering and mysterious illustrations help lend to this sensitive and haunting tale.  

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