The Bride's Farewell

Publisher: Penguin

Living in rural England during the 1850s, Pell sees a future ahead like her mother’s, of marital unhappiness, grinding domestic drudgery and relentless childbearing.

Her flight, with her mute youngest sibling, from this fate, takes her to Salisbury Horse Fair, where she is tricked out of her beloved horse and her brother vanishes. Searching for them she encounters a mysterious gypsy woman whose life is inextricably linked with hers and discovers her own future.

A gripping, poetic coming-of-age tale, which considers issues as relevant to 21st century teenage experience as they were in Pell’s time; relationships, duty, love and abuse. Those who know Tess of the D’Urbervilles will recognise similarities, while those who haven’t yet encountered it would certainly also enjoy Hardy’s novel.

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