The Blackhope Enigma

Publisher: Templar


Sunni and her school mate Blaise are both fascinated by the same sixteenth century painting: The Mariner's Return to Arcadia by Fausto Corvo.

The mysterious painting hangs in the Mariner’s Chamber in the Blackhope Tower and Sunni and Blaise visit it as part of a school project they are both producing on Corvo.

When Sunni’s annoying step-brother Dean unwittingly utters a password which unlocks a passage into the painting, the three are transported to Arcadia and together need to draw on all their resources to find a way out of this dangerous and exciting land.

Although Fausto Corvo is a fictional artist, the world he created in his painting is vividly brought to life in this action-packed novel, which should appeal most to nine- to twelve-year-olds.

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