The Accidental Diary of B.U.G: Sister Act

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Publisher: Puffin

B.U.G is back! Yes, Billie Upton Green is about to embark on her third accidental diary (which is cunningly disguised as a Spellings jotter so her Mums think she’s studying and not scribbling). And she has life-changing news.

She’s about to get a new baby sister. Neither of her Mums is pregnant; the new baby is going to be adopted – and Billie can’t wait! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she’ll have to do as there seem to be endless ‘assessments’ and lots and lots of questions.

Fortunately, she has an amazing, school musical to distract her as well as an exciting discovery of a long-lost family member. And there are always biscuits, which are perhaps the best distraction of all.

Written as a diary, and packed with illustrations, this latest instalment in B.U.G’s life is likely to make readers cry … with laughter. Full of musings on the serious, trivial and bewildering events of life as a lively eleven year old, Billie’s unique world view is intuitive and often hilarious.

There is much that readers will recognise from their own experiences alongside aspects of adoption and families with same sex parents with which they may be less familiar.

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