Swimming on the Moon

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Anna is fiercely protective of her twin brother Anto, who is autistic and doesn’t speak with words. The pair have a unique connection and have devised alternative methods of communication, such as sequenced Lego bricks and charts.

Recently, their parents have started arguing, which has unsettled them both, although Anna tries to reassure Anto that everything will be fine. However, they are devasted when they overhear their parents threatening to separate them, where one twin will live with Mum and the other with Dad. Determined not to let this happen, Anna devises a plan to make her parents fall in love again. She persuades them to accompany her to a dance competition in Italy, hoping that a romantic European trip will rekindle their relationship, but when she learns what has caused the rift, she’s not so sure it can be fixed.

Many key topics are thoughtfully explored in this sensitive novel for older readers, such as living with an autistic person, parental separation, financial worries and the anxiety of forming new friendships. Narrated in the first person, readers will be able to empathise with Anna as she shares her innermost thoughts, hopes and fears.

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