Swift and Hawk: Cyberspies

Publisher: Walker Books

Caleb and Zen, aka Swift and Hawk, are students at ARC: a specialist training institute for youngsters gifted in the field of advanced cybertechnology and robotics.

When their families are kidnapped, the pair find themselves plunged into a life-threatening rescue mission that begins in the secret tunnels beneath the British Museum and takes them to a remote Norwegian island via an exploding cargo ship. And all the while, there’s a gang of ruthless mercenaries hot on their tail...

Packed with mind-boggling gadgets and superhuman hacking skills, this tense spy thriller is pure escapism.

Both the boy and girl at the centre of the action make equal, yet different, contributions to defeating the evil genius and there are cliff-hangers galore.

While ventures into nanotechnology, quantum computing, next-level gaming, advanced robotics, neuro-networking and AI are the building blocks of the plot, underneath all the tech there is a really good and gripping adventure story that’s hard to put down.

With lots of jeopardy and lucky escapes on the way, the book ends in breath-taking action and almost unbearable tension and gives a tantalising glimpse at where Swift and Hawk’s next mission might lead.

A futuristic, middle-grade page-turner with wide appeal.

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