Publisher: Scholastic

Never fear, Superkid is here! Author of Aliens Love Underpants Claire Freedman has teamed up with illustrator Sarah McIntyre to create this lively story about incredible super hero Superkid. When his X-ray eyes spot someone in trouble, Superkid is always ready to save the other children from all kinds of horrors - from playground bullies to grandma's broccoli  - or most terrifying of all, having to tidy up their bedrooms!

Freedman's fun rhyming text works beautifully in tandem with McIntyre's bold, brightly-coloured illustrations, creating a picture book that is certain to be attractive to young readers. Be sure to watch out for Superkid's trusty sidekick Super Hamster: he is never mentioned in the text but pops up on every page, and even appears as the star of his own comic strip. It's exactly this sort of fun, creative attention to detail that makes this book such a delight: look for a recurring alien, a flying ketchup bottle, and on the final pages, the writer and illustrator team themselves, transformed by McIntyre into their own superhero characters.

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