Super Pooper and Whizz Kid: Potty Power

Publisher: Abrams and Chronicle


Here’s a super fun board book that will add lots of laughter to the tricky topic of learning to use the potty. Speaking directly to the child, our two heroes introduce themselves as Super Pooper and Whizz Kid, before taking us through the steps of ‘what to do when you need to go #1 or #2’. When you feel the warnings (‘a rumble in your bumble’ or a ‘sprinkle in your tinkle’), it’s time to ‘run to the potty!’.

Children will love the language used, and phrases such as ‘a dance in your pants’ could become household favourites. The bright and bold illustrations are modern and cool – no one will be embarrassed reading this book!

The reader is told they must wait on the potty until their business is done but then they are in on the secret of how our caped crusaders earned their super monikers. If the reader can follow these instructions, they’ll become a ‘pooperhero’ too and the prospect of big boy/big girl pants is on the horizon. It’s fabulous fun and could prove a really useful book. Perfect to have next to the potty in fact!

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