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Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

Floyd gets his red kite stuck in a tree. He tries pulling on the kite string but it simply won't come unstuck. But the trouble really begins when he throws up a shoe to knock the kite loose... and that gets stuck too. Before very long, all manner of things are stuck in the tree - from Floyd's cat Mitch to a ladder to a kitchen sink to a curious whale who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. How will Floyd ever get them unstuck?

All the trademarks of Oliver Jeffers' much-loved picture books - whimsical illustrations, distinctive handwriten text, lively imagination and a quirky sense of humour - are to be found in this beautifully-presented, funny and delightful new story. Children will enjoy watching the tree 'grow' as each new and unlikely item is added, as well as the entertaining and unexpected ending.

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