Stretch Your Confidence

Publisher: B Small Publishing


Empathy and understanding are vital skills for any child to develop. And at times in their lives, most children find their own confidence could do with a bit of a boost, too. This book from a new series called "Level Headers" is purposely designed to help children learn to better understand and manage emotions.

With a variety of ingenious activities, using tried and tested techniques, this activity book offers a highly interactive approach. With a lightness of touch, the book encourages children to record their feelings and responses, as they consider how they interact with others and are empowered to take ownership of their own emotions and behaviour. It gently challenges assumptions and broadens horizons, as the young reader considers their own unique abilities, their strengths, their differences and how to cope with challenges like managing change, friendship problems, anxiety and fear.

The creators’ expertise in this field is palpable. And yet the delivery is always accessible and fun and the approach unselfconscious and uncontrived. Inclusivity is paramount, with the colourful illustrations featuring a diverse cast. Naturally and casually included are children with eye patches, facial marks and hearing aids.

A perfect way to help any child develop confidence and support good mental health through fun activities. And, a rare thing for an activity book, this is a book to treasure and revisit time and time again. 

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