Stop Those Monsters!

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Bob is flabbergasted when he unexpectedly plunges headlong into Terra Monstra, a subterranean world populated by all manner of terrifying monsters.

Luckily, he is 'rescued' by Verity, an enthusiastic human spotter who resembles an enormous hamster. When she tells him of a magical jewel which grants wishes, they embark on a treacherous expedition to find it, so that he can use the stone to return home. They are joined en route by monster misfits Alfie Crudzilla, whose ambition is to be a stand-up comedian, and Zola, a snake-haired gorgon who transforms creatures into whacky art installations with just one glance.

A hugely entertaining, fast-paced romp through Monsterland, with hilarious, lively illustrations which bring the monsters to life.

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