Astrosaurs: Riddle of the Raptors

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Publisher: Random House


You thought dinosaurs are extinct? Haven’t you heard about the group who escaped the meteor hit 50 million years ago by leaving Earth in spaceships? Captain Teggs and his faithful crew are no ordinary dinosaurs though – they are astrosaurs!

Captain Teggs and his troupe are transporting on their spaceship DSS Sauropod the top vegetarian athletes to the Great Dinosaur Games at Planet Olympus. Suddenly a Raptor Deathship appears and kidnaps two of the best athletes from under Teggs’ nose! But there's more to the Raptors' plot than meets the eye… Can the Captain rescue the dinosaurs, escape from terrifying T-Rexes and still save the Dinosaur Games?

Boys will enjoy the extras included in this book: a map, trump cards and a pronunciation guide for the dinosaur names.

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