Stephen Biesty’s Trains

Publisher: Templar

From the very earliest steam locomotives with smoke-boxes and boilers, to trains of the future that levitate above the ground, this generously proportioned lift-the-flap book takes a journey through rail history, using carefully selected iconic examples. 

In focus are Robert Stephenson's 1833 Patentee; the American Type locomotives that opened the American West; big powerful Pacifics from rail travel's golden age; diesel EMDs; electric CC 6500s; and modern high-speed French TGVs.

There's a double-page spread for each train, packed with fascinating nuggets of information and technical details, while cutaway sections and tiny flaps permit you to peep in on train mechanics and passengers.

Biesty's drawings are sharp and clear, yet also beautiful, while the text cleverly balances the historical, technical and quirky. A great first introduction.

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