Stars With Flaming Tails

Publisher: Otter-Barry

This is a poignant and highly recommended anthology of poetry for children, filled with verse which is as moving as it is fun to read aloud.

There's a wonderful alphabet poem about Adam who has an accident and everyone from Bernie to Zavier has their own diagnosis; there are limericks, riddles, and less well-known forms such as elfke (a Dutch poem for children featuring only 11 words). Elsewhere, an ethereal tale such as about the ‘Isle of Negatyves’ where dangerous Kantdos can be targeted with an ointment of Willdos speaks to children who have experienced anxiety and self-doubt.

These are poems to suit every mood, switching from big topics such as the secrets the sun tells the moon to laughter about throwing pancakes so they stick on the ceiling. Bold and seriously stylish illustrations perfectly complement each poem, great and small, in this powerful and memorable collection.

The best poems have a magic power in the words which makes us want to read them again and again. This is a must-have collection by Valerie Bloom - who has managed to put into words how we all feel.

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