Starlet Rivals (Bollywood Academy 1)

Publisher: Lantana

Everyone in India is hooked on new talent show Dance Starz, and when they start advertising for a wildcard contestant, everyone knows Bela has to apply – after all, she’s been dancing in her mum’s school since she was tiny!

Before she knows it, Bela’s on stage being crowned the Dance Starz champion and winning a full scholarship to the Bollywood Academy, owned by huge star Shashi Kumar.

The only problem is that Shashi’s daughter Monica is also a student at the school and she’s really not a fan of Bela…

Starlet Rivals is a fast-paced, energetic tale that allows young readers to join the ups and downs of sudden fame and talent school life. From gasping at Monica’s dirty tricks to cheering Bela on as she grows in confidence, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the tale.

Not only is the book bursting with glamour and excitement, it also has thoughtful messages about the perils of the limelight and the importance of doing the right thing. A delightful page-turner.

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