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Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

When the beautiful and mysterious Delos family arrive on Nantucket Island, Helen Hamilton's teenaged life is turned upside down.

Helen is disturbed by the initial hatred she feels towards the handsome Lucas Delos but this antipathy soon turns into a powerful mutual attraction.

However, the course of Helen and Lucas's love does not run smoothly, as Helen makes the shocking discovery that, like the Delos's, she is descended from Greek gods and bound by an ancient curse to be Lucas's enemy.

This tale of starcrossed lovers is clearly aimed at the Twilight market but Helen is a stronger character both physically and mentally than Meyer's Bella. Angelini's text is peppered with humour, including ironic vampire references, often courtesy of Helen's straight-talking best friend Claire, who has a growing attraction of her own to Lucas's cousin, Jason.

This fusion of Twilight and Percy Jackson is appealing and readers will undoubtedly be left wanting more.

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