Special Forces Cadets: Assassin

Publisher: Bonnier Books

Max, Abby, Lukas, Lili and Sami are the Special Forces Cadets: a secret unit that exists to carry dangerous missions where adults would be conspicuous but where teenagers would go unnoticed. The Cadets’ latest mission is to go undercover at a posh boarding school in the Swiss Alps. Their task: protect a boy called Darius Al Zarani. The Cadets have received intelligence that Darius might be kidnapped by terrorists who want to manipulate his dad, an Iranian nuclear scientist.

When an assassin arrives at the school and shots are fired, things quickly go bad: Darius and the Cadets are forced to flee into the mountains – in the middle of a major snowstorm. On the run, separated from their support base and without any survival gear, the Cadets must have to figure out to survive the mountain, the weather, and evade the deadly assassins pursing them…

A tense action-thriller, this page-turner of a book packs quite a punch – especially with the big twist at the end. A little like an action movie wrapped up in a book, the Cadets face life or death at every turn and must make some morally challenging decisions. Great for readers who want snappy to grab their attention.

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