Songs About a Girl

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Fifteen-year-old Charlie Bloom prefers to remain unnoticed behind her camera lens, which becomes difficult when she suddenly finds herself backstage, photographing the world's biggest boyband Fire&Lights. Thrown into the limelight, she ends up caught between two of the bandmates, struggling to deal with her best friend who is an obsessed Fire&Lights blogger, and the victim of bullying.

But complicating matters further is that the more Charlie listens to Fire&Lights, the more she begins to think that the songs are written about her.

The first in a series of three books, Songs About a Girlis for anyone who has wanted to be with the band. The formation of and hysteria around Fire&Lights is a real nod to One Direction, and the story is fun with a lot of depth to the characters and some great plot twists. There is a moderate level of swearing and drinking, as well as some references to sex, but nothing inappropriate for the age range.

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