Sona Sharma: Very Best Big Sister

Publisher: Walker

Sona is not at all sure about being a big sister. It means her mother has to live somewhere else for a while, and it means she has to share everything that once belonged to her alone.

But when the baby is born, she really wants to be the best big sister ever. Her gift to the new baby turns out to be the most special one of all.

Set in a modern family in India, this book is rich in detail about Hindu beliefs, customs and ceremonies around welcoming a new child into the world. It is extensively illustrated with black and white drawings which are packed full of charm and character.

The family – including three grandparents, each with their own distinct personality - are well-observed and affectionately drawn. You can almost feel the cuddles through the pictures, and they soften Sona's difficult emotions around the new addition to the family.

The illustrations ensure that a reader will fall in love not only with the richness and beauty of Indian culture but also with Sona's kind, warm family. It is refreshing to read a book with a strong-minded Asian girl who is not immediately a perfect little carer.

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