Someone Just Like You

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Whoever you are and wherever you live there is someone in this world just like you, who finds the same things funny and laughs the way you do. The beautiful illustrations by David Roberts tell this story by mirroring actions of children from all different places, wearing all different clothes with all different abilities, speaking all different languages, but laughing, crying, being scared in the same way. It’s a joyful picture book to read but of course has a serious side.  

The book is dedicated to every child who has ever had to leave their home behind.It was inspired by words of Jo Cox, the Labour MP who was killed in a politically motivated murder in 2016, who said, ‘We have more in common than that which divides us.It’s a stunning book to read together with children from aged 4 and upwards, so you can really talk about the important themes of people being forced to flee their homes, sharing and listening to people’s stories. Would also be ideal to read in a primary classroom setting to develop children’s ability to empathise with others.  

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