Somebody Crunched Colin

Publisher: Scholastic

Colin the crisp packet finds himself on the ground, outside in the leafy garden. The problem is that he doesn’t really belong there...

A raccoon and a bear both find Colin and try to eat him, but – luckily for Colin - he’s far too crinkly and metallic for their tastes. And when a gust of wind blows Colin into the river, there are more perils in store. Who will rescue him and put him where he needs to be?

This sweet rhyming book teaches children about some of the perils that litter can cause in the natural environment, particularly what happens when birds and animals encounter things like crisp packets. This can make them ill if they try and eat them, or which can cause distress if they get caught inside or the litter gets in their fur, feathers or limbs. There is a happy ending, and a nice reminder that just because Colin gets put in a special bin, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of his usefulness.

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