Some Places More Than Others

(5 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Amara desperately wants a trip to New York for her birthday, to meet her dad’s family and see where he grew up and she can’t understand why her parents are reticent about the trip. Until she discovers her dad hasn’t spoken to his dad, Grandpa Earl, for twelve years – not since the day she was born. What could make them so mad at each other?

For Amara, this makes the trip even more important. Perhaps she can untangle the web of secrets that’s got her family twisted into this knot, and help her father mend the past. Harlem, NY is very different from her home in Oregon and, arriving in the city, she’s plunged in a whole new world. But it’s one with a powerful history that speaks deeply to Amara and leads to surprising revelations about people she loves and her own sense of self.

Renee Watson is an outstanding storyteller and Amara’s voice is clear and compelling. Concepts of family history are neatly tied together with the extensive roots of black American history that are revealed to Amara, giving her a true sense of empowerment and identity. A textured, warm and positive story, beautifully written and with a poetic feel.

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