Snow Foal

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Publisher: Farshore

When her alcoholic mother is unable to take care of her, 11-year-old Addie moves in with a long-term foster family on a remote working farm. Ruth, Sam and their adopted son Gabe provide a loving, stable environment for Addie and two other foster children in their care. However, desperate to return to her mum, Addie is determined that she will not stay for long.

Sam rescues an injured foal from the moors and Addie senses a kindred spirit. Although he is weak and scared, she gains his trust and nurses him back to health. In parallel with her own life, she feels strongly that the foal should be reunited with his mother. Addie plans to secretly set him free on the moors, but if the wild Exmoor ponies reject him, she could be placing him in danger rather than helping him.

This poignant novel is beautifully written and explores the difficult issues of bullying, neglect and abuse with sensitivity. Rather than dwelling on why the children are in foster care, the tale offers insight into their emotions of rejection, confusion, anger and guilt. Despite the challenging subject matter, this is a positive tale, full of hope for a brighter future.

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